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Gamified SAAS for Customer Engagement

Empowering Next-Gen Customers with
Loyalty Rewards as NFTs

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Taking the right step for customer engagement can retain your Loyal customers ❤️

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The new addition to your Product table

Fashion and Beauty

Health and wellness

Financial Institutions



Decors and Furniture

From Customer discovery to Loyal Superfans

RARE QR is the brand companion

The magic behind RARE QR

Gamified Metaverse module

Take your customers to a whole new world of experience and miracles

Showcase your products & upsell

Showcase your customer stories

Games and interactions as reward module

Rare CRM

Mint, deploy and Track all the rewards, customer activity, and engagement from one place

Choose and deploy loyalty rewards

Track the activity of the campaigns

Launch personalized campaigns

Hassle-free integrations

Rare Wallet

From Web2 to Web3 in just one click. Your Gateway to the world of web3

One-click social login wallet

Hyper personalize your wallet to your brand theme

Easy onboarding to web3

Rare Community Wall

The place where your thoughts can transform into ideas. A community wall to interact with your customers

Custom domain

Engage with your customers

Promote your streaks

Celebrate loyal customers

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From D2C brands to retail offline shops, RARE QR can boost the user journey.

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Building and exploring web3 is no more a difficult task. From Metaverse to NFTs, from btc to matic, from Satoshi to Elon - We got you covered.

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